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When a name is a “STYLE”

By definition, Oilers’ style hockey is something of a reputation rather than how the game has been played of late. The Oilers had a style of hockey in the 80’s and early 90’s that was fast, furious, skilled and most of all entertaining. Patented by greats such as Wayne Gretzky, Kevin Lowe, and the like, […]

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Somebody Stop Meh. On Second Thought…..

DON’T! Never in 44½ years have I been this excited for, of all things HOCKEY SEASON! There is no way in a million years that CFL, NFL, NBA or any other sport could come close to drawing out the kid in me like Oilers hockey does. For most of my life I have been apathetic […]

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Can the OIL keep it up?

Now there’s a title with several possible connotations! How ’bout that. The first battle of wiki(Alberta), albeit pre-season has resulted in an overtime win for the wiki(Edmonton Oilers)! Let’s hope, for our sake that this season isn’t going to look like last season where Calgary is concerned. We beat them in their barn, they returned […]

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Oilers Thrash Atlanta

What a GAME! Let’s Go Oilers!! With the players least expected to score scoring, Edmonton’s Oilers not only beat but THRASHED the Atlanta Thrashers! Goals for the [tag]Oilers[/tags]: SMYTH (28) [tag]HORCOFF[/tag] (26), SYKORA (25) 9:40 PP BERGERON (8) [tag]HEMSKY[/tag] (34), SYKORA (26) 7:33 EV POULIOT (3) HEMSKY (35), REASONER (14) 11:10 EV LUPUL (15) [tag]SYKORA[/tag] […]

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