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By definition, Oilers’ style hockey is something of a reputation rather than how the game has been played of late. The Oilers had a style of hockey in the 80′s and early 90′s that was fast, furious, skilled and most of all entertaining. Patented by greats such as Wayne Gretzky, Kevin Lowe, and the like, the style was made famous.

Unfortunately, Oilers’ hockey has has become a reputation more than a style we actually look forward to seeing. The fans have grown accustomed to not seeing this style of hockey while hoping game after game that this would be the game where the old style would show itself. Once in a while a great play is made. Once in a while a brilliant or skilled strategy works its way into play and actually does what it is supposed to do. But, not often enough.

Many have been criticizing general manager Kevin Lowe and head coach Craig MacTavish for loading the team with very young, very inexperienced players. Even I wasn’t certain what their strategy could be. The average age of the players on the Edmonton Oilers is 27. The average age of the players in the NHL is 28. My question is, if the average age of the Oilers is 27 and the league average is 28, where is the problem?

I have watched the entire pre-season, home games at any rate, several practice skates, and now the first two games of the season. What has impressed me most is the fact that we are seeing something we haven’t seen in years. Oilers’ Style Hockey!

These young, energetic players are fast, skilled, robust and smart. They are everything Oilers’ Style Hockey is about. Hemsky seems to have learned how to shoot and pass the puck. Torres appears much more fit, and seems to have his head in the game and out of his beer mug. With the addition of young talent the likes of Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano, Robert Nilsson and Kyle Brodziak the team is much faster, more energetic and more focussed than any team we have seen in this decade.

The speed of the game is exciting and energizing. Sure the kids have to get their skates under them and adjust to the faster pace that is the NHL. With two home games under their belts and two wins leading into their first away trip of the season, they have just a little more confidence in their abilities.

Those who think the age and inexperience of this team is a detractor from their winning potential need to think again. Is it possible for this young gaggle to make it into the play-offs this year? Indeed it is. Is it possible for them to bring home the Stanley Cup? Anything is possible. Is it likely? I doubt it. What this year is, for sure, is an opportunity for the management and bench staff of the Edmonton Oilers to mould a young group of hot-heads into a team with seasoned veterans as the mortar to bond them together. Said team will, with the proper guidance and taining, become a force to be reckoned with.

After watching the match-ups between the Oil and the Sharks (3-2 SO) and the Oil v. Flyers (5-3), they are off on the road to take on The Red Wings in Detroit, followed on Wednesday with a match-up against the Minnesota wild before facing the one team they couldn’t get by in the pre-season, the Vancouver Canucks. We can’t win ‘em all, but I am certain this group of rookie wahoos can make a dent in most of them, and in fine OILERS’ STYLE!

Jerrod Stoll said it best:

“There was a lot of open ice out there against Philadelphia. San Jose was the same story – a lot of chances at both ends. There’s ice out there to make plays, it’s fun hockey to play.”

Source:  Edmonton Sun – Oilers Sports 

It’s nice to hear a player is having fun rather than simply earning a paycheque.  That is what SPORTS is all about, fun for the fans and fun for the players!

Let’s Go Oilers!


DON’T! Never in 44½ years have I been this excited for, of all things HOCKEY SEASON!

There is no way in a million years that CFL, NFL, NBA or any other sport could come close to drawing out the kid in me like Oilers hockey does. For most of my life I have been apathetic when it came to sports. Sports was something people who enjoyed the great outdoors did. Hockey, to me, was one more area in which I let my father down.

Not anymore! As I grow older I realize that sports is more for the fans. Partaking in sports is for the athletes. Enjoying sports is for the FANS! Without fans the sport is for naught. Indeed, the great kids who play the sports and make large dollars doing what they love deserve the attention that their hard work gleans for them. But without me they don’t get paid.

Sorry dad. I was never meant to be an all-star hockey player. I was meant to be an all-star fan. I am more proud of the fact that, with all my shortcomings, I have been able to work hard and get to the point where I can spend thousands of dollars a year to sit in the arena, sip beer and scream at the top of my lungs, Let’s Go Oilers! I love hockey. I love the intricacies of the sport. I love the strategy, the speed, the skill and even the crap that comes out of Don Cherry’s mouth. In the past decade I love the fact that I no longer feel guilty for letting someone down. The arrival of sanity came when it became clear that, indeed, hockey is for me. It isn’t something I need to play, it is something I need to WATCH and SUPPORT! It is the essence of winter in Canada!

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Now there’s a title with several possible connotations!


How ’bout that. The first battle of wiki(Alberta), albeit pre-season has resulted in an overtime win for the wiki(Edmonton Oilers)! Let’s hope, for our sake that this season isn’t going to look like last season where Calgary is concerned. We beat them in their barn, they returned the favour in ours. Last night at the Pengrowth Saddledome was the first of two pre-season games in the battle of Alberta. I am hoping the boys can come to our barn and whip the snot out of Calgary at home. Read on »

What a GAME! Let’s Go Oilers!!

With the players least expected to score scoring, Edmonton’s Oilers not only beat but THRASHED the Atlanta Thrashers!

Goals for the [tag]Oilers[/tags]:

  1. SMYTH (28)
    [tag]HORCOFF[/tag] (26), SYKORA (25) 9:40 PP
  2. BERGERON (8)
    [tag]HEMSKY[/tag] (34), SYKORA (26) 7:33 EV
  3. POULIOT (3)
    HEMSKY (35), REASONER (14) 11:10 EV
  4. LUPUL (15)
    [tag]SYKORA[/tag] (27), GREENE (7) 12:24 EV
  5. TORRES (12)
    POULIOT (2), LUPUL (8) 15:38 PP

This was some amazing KICK-ASS hockey!! This is how the Oilers should always play. There was a little rough stuff here and there, but nothing like the brawls at Rexall Place 3 years ago. The goalies didn’t square off in a fit of fisti-cuffs like they did three years ago, though Dwayne Roloson did go after Eric Boulton after having had enough of being interfered with. Fortunately the goal was waved off and [tag]Matt Greene[/tag] got into it with Boulton before Rolie could get there.

The [tag]Edmonton Oilers[/tag] won their second straight game to finish a three-game homestand before embarking on a season-high seven-game road trip. Atlanta scored the first goal but the Oilers rattled off five unanswered markers to win the game 5-1.

Source: Edmonton Oilers

Way to go guys! Good luck on the road trip!! Make sure you annihilate the Maple Leafs on the 17th. Win the cup or don’t win the cup. Make sure you decimate the [tag]Toronto Maple Leafs[/tag]!!

Let’s Go Oilers!