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The holidays are soon upon us. Everyone is going to be cooking up a storm. I have been tasked with preparing a Turkey and Dressing for a Chanukah get together. I thought I may just share with the world what I am going to prepare. Don’t worry, this won’t be entirely KOSHER, though it could easily be prepared kosher by using margarine instead of BUTTER.

This recipe consists of traditional turkey and dressing with a twist. A lot of the liquids are going to be replaced with a GOOD Sauvignon Blanc wine, thus the decriptive adjectives, Drunk and Intoxicated.

WARNING: You may be over the .05% BAC limit for driving in Alberta and B.C. After this feast. Don’t eat, drink and drive!

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PrintThis morning I was afforded a great treat.  The Edmonton Foodbank invited me to a media op at West Edmonton Christian Assembly for the official opening of their exhibit, Bethlehem Walk.  What an experiance it was.

In a day and age when most people are afraid to mention the Christ child as the principle purpose for celebrating Christmas, and many won’t even call it Christmas, West Edmonton Christian Assembly has created an awesome re-enactment of the nativity story.  This exhibit, rife with amazing actors, young and old, brings to life the scene that would have greeted Mary and Joseph when they arrived in Bethlehem for the census ordered by Caesar Augustus.  WECA has recreated the market centre of Bethlehem, complete with merchant stalls, fields on the outskirts of town, stables and, of course, the full Inn, in their gymnasium.

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‘Tis the season once again. Why does it have to be an annual event? Let’s leave religion out of it for a change. The Christmas season is no longer about religion at any rate. The only time religion, or Christ comes into Christmas anymore is when the conservatives decide that we should change the name of the holiday in order to not offend anyone.

What frustrates me about this is everyone is so worried about offending anyone that; cards now read “Happy Holidays.” Office parties are renamed “Holiday Celebrations.” The entire season is now known as the “Holiday Season.” Remind me how this is all non-offensive.

I find it offensive. Of course I am not among one of the special interest groups that all this renaming is designed to not offend. It is alright to offend me as I am not a “new Canadian.” I do not fit into the category of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other category that might be offended by maintaining the traditional name of the holiday, “Christmas”. By the way, I wish to invite my politicians and other lawmakers to insist upon the renaming of Chanukah, Ramadan, and any other holiday of other religions as they offend me.

How ridiculous is this statement?

What makes this whole thing even more comedic is, as I was checking out of a convenience store this afternoon, the clerk, a Muslim from Lebanon who serves me almost daily wished me a Merry Christmas. I was taken aback for about 3 seconds and then responded, “You have a great holiday also.” Even as I drove home I couldn’t help but think how this clerk could draw the wrath of our idiot politicians. Were it to be disclosed that he is comfortable enough in his own belief system to not only accept that not everyone’s beliefs are the same, but in going so far as making such a declaration of acceptance could destroy the whole purpose of our multiculturalism ministry’s dictates.

If this individual Muslim can not only accept our differences, but show that acceptance by using the standard greeting of the Season, why then can our government not accept it? By changing my way of life, my way of thinking, my way of celebrating our holidays the government is successfully destroying the whole purpose of it’s multi-cultural teaching. By insisting we change to accommodate others, they are effectively segregating everyone.

By allowing immigrant political organizations to bring frivolous lawsuits condemning our belief systems, the government is allowing these special interest groups to create the atmosphere that not all are equal unless some are more equal. Very Orwellian in my opinion.

Multicultural arguments aside, we ourselves have taken the Christ out of Christmas. Whilst walking through a store, Best Buy to be precise, it was apparent by the pushing, shoving and predominant use of the F word, that there isn’t a whole lot of peace on earth or goodwill towards men (oops sorry, goodwill towards everyone) happening at this time of year. It is one mad rush after another to grab that hard to get item which, by the way, will be all over the shelves by mid January (at a lower price).

Goodwill to man is a concept that either doesn’t exist, or is not required in today’s rude, self centred society. It is all about the almighty dollar.

I see it at work. I see it in the stores, and I even see it in the way people treat each other. No longer do strangers wish each other a “Merry Christmas.” No longer do people smile. No longer is there near the magic that the Christmas season is supposed to be about. The whole season is about making money, spending money, and seeing who can get the best gift for whom.

I suppose none of this matters, however I fear that the bastardization of Christmas is just the beginning. Easter will soon be forbidden and will be renamed the “Springtime Celebration.” I fear even New Year’s will have to be renamed or cancelled as it is really only a North American and European celebration. The Chinese celebrate New Year’s at a different time, so it must be completely offensive to them for us to Celebrate it on January first. Oh well!

That’s my rant for this year. No peace on earth. No goodwill towards man. Nothing that could possibly offend anyone or interfere with their ability spend more than they have to impress people who won’t be satisfied anyway.

However…. To my friends. I hope your CHRISTMAS is great!! All the best to you and yours in the NEW YEAR!