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My Brain on Diesel Fumes is now Mobile ready. No special URL. Simply browse to http://blog.sirthinks.com on your mobile device. WordPress will do the rest

Twitterberry, the Twitter client for Blackberry devices has released yet another beta version of the software.  Once again they got it wrong.

I installed the application on 2 Blackberries.  First on the Blackberry 9000 (Bold) and then on the Blackberry 8900 (Curve).  On the Bold it seems to work well.  On the Curve, not so well.

Neither device is afforded an icon in the notification area when tweets, @replies, or Direct Messages are received.  It simply sounds the notification sound and incessantly flashes the LED.  This is fine, but who wants to spend 5 minutes trying to figure out just what applicaation is announcing itself?



Loading time:  About 10 seconds

Twitpic:  Works fine

Notifications: Flashing LED and Sound no icon – FAIL


Curve (8900):

Loading Time 30-60 seconds (FAIL)

Twitpic Doesn’t work at all

Notifications: Flashing LED and Sound, no icon – FAIL

Neither of these pictures would send with the Curve.  One is 1024×768 the other is 480-360.  Both are under 50k.

   first    img00056-20090330-2108

From what I’ve heard, the same problem exists with the Storm 9530.  Same camera, same issue sending to Twitpic.   Hmmmm..  I wonder.

With these problems, Twitterberry .904 beta is a FAIL!  Sorry guys.  Try again!

Who knew trucking professionals of today would need to be as tech savvy as any business person? The first truck I ever drove cam complete without power steering, without air conditioning, without fm radio or an 8-track player. That was a long time ago.

I used a log book, a run sheet and not much else in my day to day business. Pay phones and smoke signals kept us in touch with dispatch. Our CB’s had 24 channels.

Today, well things have radically changed. Thanks to technology, today we have power steering, a/c, in dash DVD players, computers control each and every function in our engines and braking systems etc. We have laptop computers in our bunks, ipods on our dashboards, and, many of us, with more following suit everyday, are toting the latest in RIM’s arsenal of Blackberry Smartphones.

Since I moved to the Blackberry smartphone about 6 months ago, it has fast become, next to my truck, the most important tool for running my business. It provides me with all the communication and organizational tools I need. Unfortunately it doesn’t arrive in the box with all the tools I need. The following is a list of the tools I use on a daily bases to enhance my Blackberry Curve and thus my business.

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Yesterday I ventured into the Telus store. Not long thereafter I ventured back out with a brand new Blackberry Curve 8330. Yeah, nothing particularly special about that. I am always buying new toys.

What’s cool about this one is it has a camera, connects and directly uplpoads to Facebook all of my photos. Also, unlike my last Blackberry, the 8830 World Edition, this one doesn’t puke when I load the mobile admin version for WordPress.

Yup, I am blogging from the bunk of my truck using my BB.

Technology… It’s not just for geeks anymore!

Keep on Truckin’