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Feeding Neighbours’ Kids is Everyone’s Responsibility – Almost!

Wow, it has been a while since I last put fingers to keyboard to make my opinion known on anything.

I come out of seclusion as a result of the backlash faced by federal M.P., and industry minister, James Moore.  Moore made the stupid mistake of speaking his mind, and has landed himself in social media hot water for his comment, “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child?” Dumb, dumb, and I say it again, DUMB!  Of course it isn’t your job.

That said, what is your job, Mr. Moore? With 1.4 million Canadians out of work, approximately 7%, and youth unemployment at a record high of 12.7%, shouldn’t you be doing something about finding jobs for these people?  With jobs for these people you would remove the need to feed your neighbour’s child.  Your neighbour would have the ability to feed their own child.  I even have a solution to the problem.  Imagine that!!

Have you been to businesses like Tim Horton’s, McDonalds, Husky Gas Stations, or virtually any trucking company in the country?  If you have, and I am pretty sure you have, you will find many of these businesses have an inordinate number of non-Canadians working in them.  While visiting any Tim Horton’s or McDonalds Restaurant in the Edmonton area, it takes me about 15 seconds to figure out which country they are recruiting from.  What I want to know is why Tim Horton’s is importing workers from Hawaii, as one location in the area is?  Another location has four Canadian workers and the rest of the staff is from Mexico.  They don’t even have a part time student working the evening shift.  I am sure there are students who would kill to have a job currently filled by a TFW.  The TFW, or Temporary Foreign Worker program is killing the ability of students and unemployed Canadians to find jobs.  Why?  I have to wonder how many hires result from the pads of applications sitting on the counters at Tim Horton’s?  Judging by the inability of many Tim Horton’s employees to get an order right, due to language barriers, I am thinking not many.

The primary requirement an employer must be able to meet is a shortage of un-skilled, or limited skills required workers. What HOGWASH.  Why are people allowed to sit on employment insurance benefits or welfare while there are jobs available, some of which require no formal training or education?  Why are people allowed to refuse work simply because it is below them?  Is feeding their own children “below them”?  Is it better to sit on benefits programs than it is to take a job that will fill the gap until a good job comes along?  I wouldn’t even be adverse to the government supplementing income up to the amount of income guaranteed by employment insurance benefits should the job pay less than the benefits guarantee.  There would no longer be the ability for people to say, “the job isn’t what I went to school for”. “The job is below my station in life”.  “I am overqualified for the job”.  You are too overqualified to be sitting on your butt collecting welfare or employment insurance!

The problem isn’t the employers.  The problem is the workers and the government.  With 1.4 million Canadians out of jobs, the government should be legislating mandatory  acceptance of low skills job offers.  Employment counselors should have a listing of all the jobs in their region and they should be able to provide unemployed workers with recommendations.  Certainly, a worker who is overqualified for a job should have no problem being hired, even temporarily, to do a low skills required job.  If unemployed workers are hired at a lower rate than their benefits are paying, they should be topped up.  If they refuse work based on a false perception that serving the public is below their station in life, benefits of all kinds should be cut off.  Simple.

As of December 2012 there were over 350,000 temporary foreign workers in Canada.  I am certain this number is closer to 1/2 a million by now.  With 1.4 million Canadians out of work, most receiving benefits of some sort, the savings for the taxpayers would be phenomenal if these unemployed workers could have one of the 350,000 – 500,000 jobs being filled by imported workers.  Even with a wage top-up, we would save 100’s of millions of dollars off the costs of the benefits programs.

So Minister Moore, instead of making ridiculous statements regarding who’s job it is to feed your neighbours’ kids, perhaps you should do your job and seek legislation forcing unemployed workers to take lesser jobs until better jobs come along.  Perhaps you should re-vamp or scrap the TFW programs.  Once people are working and bringing home a paycheque it will be their responsibility to feed their own children.

Tinfoil hats and bottom feeders #wrpagm

The weekend is over.  The Wildrose Alliance Party annual general meeting for 2012 is over.  Now it is time to sit back and reflect on the various items we accomplished over the weekend.

Friday night started off with an informal reception complete with beer, wine, hard alcohol, lots of melons and cheeses.  People we haven’t seen since the last AGM started showing up and immediately the campaigning for the EC positions started.  As is the norm the cliques were formed and hard core “door knocking” was taking place.  Funny though, no one was asking if anyone was on “Team Rob” or “Team Danielle”.  Apparently there are no such teams. Who Knew? So don’t believe everything you read on the kukkuplanet blog, or in the Huff Post.

Anyone with half a brain, and a few of us with our entire intellect in tact had already decided for whom we would vote.  For that group, the consumption of copious amounts of beer and cold cuts and plenty more melons and cheese was the order of the evening.  With several hospitality suites to visit, it would be rude not to have at least a beer or three with the hosts.  Of course, that led to one of my worst faults….  DRUNK TWEETING!!

I am sleeping with @ tonight. Told you #wrp is inclusive. #wrpagm
John Winslow

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Bill 3, 2012 The Education Act

So, we have a new old government.  The last bill on the floor before the the spring election was Bill 2, 2012, The Education Act.  It was shot down.  Of course the reigning PC party, and education minister at the time, Thomas Lukaszuk, blamed the death of the Bill on the Wildrose Party.  Of course this was a smoke screen.  No Bill brought by the ruling party would die on the floor if the majority of the party holding the majority voted it in.  The reigning party faced more public uproar on the bill than they could afford to ignore going into an election.

Home Schooling parents and religious based private schools were in an uproar over the mention of the Alberta Human Rights Act being included in the Education Act.  The minister of education, himself a Roman Catholic, tried to convince them the bill was not intended to give the government carte blanche to bring home schoolers or religious schools to human rights tribunals simply for teaching their own beliefs in school.  Unfortunately for the education minister, Albertans weren’t that gullible.  So long as the ability was provided for the government to interfere in their childrens’ education, they weren’t going to be shut up.

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Zeroes need not apply – Educators take note

Debate rages on in the news, coffee shops, office water-coolers and pretty much anywhere we go regarding this phenomenon known as the “No Zero Policy.”  To date I have not met a single educated person who agrees with this ridiculous policy.  Of course I haven’t had an opportunity to speak with any of the geniuses in the school system who put more trust in “gurus” than they do in science and fact.  Suffice it to say, any reasonable, thinking, successful person will tell you the no zero policy is an insult to those who work hard to achieve their goals in life.

What message are we sending to our children if they are permitted to pass without completing or, as in many cases, not even attempting to complete assignments received in school?  Are we telling them that it is okay to be a slacker?  Are we relaying to them the message  the world does indeed owe them a living?  How can anything good come out of sending our children on to university, college, or into the workforce completely ill prepared for the realities these institutions will force them to face?  Yet these are precisely the messages we are sending them out there with.

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